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Industry Information

UK Misses 2010 Renewable Energy Target

The Renewable Energy Foundation (REF) has said the UK has reached only 6.5% of the 10% renewable electricity target set for 2010.

REF has released an information note based on analysis of new Department of Energy and Climate Change and Office of Gas and Electricity Markets Group (Ofgem) data.

The analysis shows that the UK failed to reach its renewable electricity target set last year, despite providing a subsidy of £5bn ($8.16bn) from 2002-10 and £1.1bn ($1.80bn) in 2010.

The onshore wind load factor in 2010 fell to 21%, from 27% in 2009, while the offshore load factor declined to 29% in 2010 from 30% in 2009.

The analysis shows that though low wind in 2010 accounts for some part of the target shortfall, it is clear that the target would have been missed by a large margin even if wind speeds had exceeded the highest annual average in the last ten years.

The failure of UK to meet the set targets doubts UK’s ability to reach the EU Renewable Energy Directive target for 15% of final energy consumption, a level requiring at least 30% of UK electricity to be generated from renewable sources.

Ofgem regulates the gas and electricity industries in Britain.