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Industry Information

Siemens gas turbine starts test operation in Germany

Siemens Energy said that the 60 Hertz version of its SGT-8000 gas turbine series has started test operation at its Berlin facility in Germany.

The company is targeting the Saudi Arabian market for this 60 Hertz version of the SGT-8000 turbine series and the turbine has already been ordered by customers in the US and Korea.

The new H Class turbine achieved an output of 578 MW and a record efficiency of 60.75% (net) during a test run at the Irsching 4 combined-cycle power plant in Germany.

Siemens has enlarged its test bed in the Berlin gas turbine power plant and has installed a new drilling station for casing parts to make production of the turbines even more efficient, the company said.

Siemens Energy Middle East CEO Dietmar Siersdorfer said due to rising global demand for electric power and against the background of the increasing but fluctuating contribution of renewable energy to the power supply, gas turbines for versatile and environmentally compatible power generation are in high demand across the globe.

“The H Class is now being tested for the 60-Hz market. It is an ideal solution for the rapidly growing Saudi Arabian power generation market, because of its efficiency, cost effectiveness and flexibility,” Siersdorfer said.