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Industry Information

Norway opens CO2 Capture test facility

Norway has inaugurated a CO2 capture test facility at the Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM).

Partially based on Alstom’s Chilled Ammonia technology, Mongstad’s new test centre would be Europe’s largest such centre for CO2 capture.

TCM’s partners Gassnova, Statoil, Shell and Sasol had selected Alstom as one of two suppliers to build and test CO2 capture facilities, which are located near Bergen.

Alstom country president in Norway Eric Staurset said, “With the TCM inauguration Alstom clearly makes a footprint as an important part of this unique development in Norway and we are confident that this will develop into a global reference point with the realisation of full scale CO2 Capture and Storage facilities in the future”.

Alstom Environmental Control Systems and Carbon Capture & Storage vice president Patrick Fragman said its technology can be tested on flue gas both from a gas fired power station as well as on industrial off gas from the nearby refinery.

“This gives us valuable experience to improve and to expand the use of this technology even further,” added Patrick.

Alstom plans to undertake testing and operations program for 12 to 18 months beginning this year and expects new developments and improvements during the test period.

The company stated an earlier pilot program and a validation plant operation with the Chilled Ammonia Process gave expected performance levels, without any detrimental environmental impact.