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Industry Information

GE ships aeroderivative gas turbine unit for Israeli power plant

GE said it has shipped 12 LM6000-PC Sprint aeroderivative gas turbine-generators to the Dorad Energy power plant in Ashkelon, Israel, as part of its $200m deal with Wood Group.

The power plant is a combined-cycle design, using hot exhaust from the GE gas turbines to generate steam to power two steam turbine-generators.

GE Power & Water aeroderivative gas turbines vice president Darryl Wilson said the company’s LM6000-PC Sprint technology solves the problem of how to deliver or remove large amounts of power quickly in response to changing conditions, with the same efficiencies and economics that are found in baseload operation.

“The power produced by these units will help to stabilize the power system upon which Israel’s economy depends, and their efficiency and suitability for baseload, cycling or peaking operation will enable Dorad Energy to maximize revenue opportunities,” Wilson added.

GE noted the 50MW aeroderivative units will be configured so that blocks of them can be turned on and off, with no losses in energy efficiency for the plant.

GE’s Veresegyhaz plant, located near Budapest, Hungary, is developing the gas turbine-generators.

Gas turbine-generators will be in commercial operation in the second half of 2013.

Wood Group GTS is the engineering, procurement and construction contractor for Dorad Energy.