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Industry Information

Gaelectric Investing £22 Million in NI Wind Farm

The energy group Gaelectric plans to invest £22 million into a new wind farm after receiving planning permission for a 15 megawatt complex at initiative, near Pomeroy, in County Tyrone. The new farm will create 20 jobs.

The wind farm development will consist of six wind turbines, all of them will be 64 metres and a maximum blade diameter of 71 metres, and will be capable of generating enough renewable energy to meet the average annual electricity consumption of approximately 8,000 homes.

Gaelectric have invested heavily in Northern Ireland, and when the project is complete will have an a total output of 200 megawatts of power generation capacity.

Gaelectric secured full planning approval for two further wind energy developments, a 15 megawatts wind farm in Carn Hill, Newtownabbey, Co Antrim and a 12.5 Megawatts wind farm in Cregganconroe, Pomeroy, Co Tyrone earlier this year, giving the company 42.5 megawatts of consented projects in Northern Ireland. Construction of this £62 million pipeline will begin in early 2011.

“In these straitened times we do not have the luxury of behaving as if we live in an ideal world where every risk and threat can be perfectly balanced,” Brendan McGrath, chief executive of Gaelectric said regarding the need for renewable energy even given the current financial climate.

“A focused and proactive approach to economic opportunities is needed to steer the economy – north and south – on a sustainable growth path.
“The Inishative approval is a further important demonstration of policy makers, planners and energy companies working together to harness renewable resources.”

By Harry Tasker