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GE Oil & Gas, Nuovo Pignone

Friday, July 6th, 2012

RR Projects have completed the installation of the Power generation unit for GE Oil & Gas, Nuovo Pignone at the Iggesund Paper Mill in Workington, Cumbria, England. This new facility is a Biomass Combined Heat and Power Plant, set on the existing Workington Mill site.

This CHP Plant will generate, nominally, between 43 and 49.9 MW of renewable electricity using 550,000 tonnes of biomass annually. This will meet all of the Mill’s electrical requirements, as well as providing heat for use in the board making process. Any surplus electricity will be exported to the national grid via an existing on-site electrical connection.

RR Projects are pleased to have been contracted to perform the complete Turn-key installation for the generating set and associated BOP.

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Mongstad Power Station, Norway

Friday, July 6th, 2012

A major outage was successfully completed on the GT Frame 9E for GE at Mongstad Power Station, Norway.
RR Projects provided the crew to perform:

1, The split of the Rotor from the Marriage Coupling and the Load Coupling.
2, The removal of the combustion hardware.
3, The removal of Bearing Stocks rumber two and three.
4, The removal of the turbine end of the rotor.
5, Complete alignment of the unit which included the Accessory, Turbine and Generator.

The project was returned to commission on time without any issues.

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ESB, North Wall, Ireland

Friday, July 6th, 2012

RR Projects have just completed the successful management of an outage & HGP inspection on the GT Frame 9E for ESB, North Wall, Ireland. This included:

1. Removal of all combustion hardware
2. Removal and replacement of 2nd & 3rd stage buckets
3. Fitting of 1st & 2nd stage nozzles
4. Removal and replacement of 1st & 2nd stage Shroud Blocks
5. Fitting of new transition pieces

A full scope of the combustion inspection was conducted and, in addition, a detailed inspection of the turbine nozzles, stationary stator shrouds and turbine buckets, the inspection of the hot-gas all combustion transition pieces and the first-stage turbine nozzle assemblies replacement and repairs as required.

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